Visiting Tarangire

The Tarangire National Park is a lesser known destination in Tanzania but is close enough to the other Northern attractions to fit into an itinerary. Because it is less visited, you can avoid some of the more crowded areas while still getting an amazing wildlife experience. Indeed, the large size of this park does provide some very good, relaxed and uncrowded game viewing, especially if you book one of the smaller lodges in the South, away from the more central and Northern areas.


The drier months (July through to October) provide the most intense game viewing and game numbers. Localised movements of animals (small migrations) bring big herds of general game to the limited water sources within the park. This is the best time to visit. We have visited out of season – there are still lots of animals to see, just not in the big concentrations!

This is an excellent park for elephant viewing, especially breeding (family) herds with babies.

One must be aware that you will have to deal with Tsetse flies here!

Staying deep within the park is the best option. Have a look at Swala Camp. There are bigger lodges to the north and on the border of the park that need to be avoided.

Lodges in Tarangire NP

Swala Camp