Kachakani in a Nutshell

What is remarkable about this rustically luxurious camp is that it can be completely packed up and moved! This is in fact done, and it follows with the movements of the wildebeest when they migrate further North. Its position in the rocky woodlands in the Southern Serengeti is pretty much the perfect location to witness the wildebeest calving season, which starts roughly in February each year. (When the camp is moved North, its new location is perfect for the river crossings into Kenya).


Fast Facts

  • 10 raised en-suite “Meru” style tents on raised wooden decks
  • USD595 – USD1095
  • Game drives
  • Access by light aircraft transfer from Arusha to lodge airstrip
  • Excellent dry land area for game drives


How to Get There

Most people fly into Kachikani using the nearby Southern Serengeti airstrip. You can fly in from Arusha (1.5 hours). Flying in to this lodge is an event in itself as you get to see the Ngorogoro crater and an overview of the Serengeti plains. You can also drive to this camp by road transfer (3 hours from Ngorogoro and 7 hours from Arusha)


Game Viewing and Activities

It is all about the migration here and you should time your safari to coincide with its arrival. There can be slight variations every year so do ask us for advice before booking!

Basically, the camp is located in the Southern Serengeti from January until March – this is when you should aim to book. For safaris outside of this time, there is a “sister camp” that is permanently based in this area run by the same company (Sanctuary Kusini Camp).

Activities are based solely around game drives. The open plains are a short 20 minute drive from the camp which is located in a secluded section of rocky hills and woodland. The big herds of wildebeest, will start dropping their young in early February, making this a real hotspot for predator action – big clans of hyenas, lions, leopard and cheetah all well complimented. Wild dogs also make an appearance now and then! A real possibility is that you might get lucky and actually witness the birth of a wildebeest!

It is all action when the big herds are close by – make the most of it by getting out early and telling your guide you want to stay out for as long as possible.

The lodge has an excellent view as it is located on top of a high rocky vantage point. You can get herds of zebra and wildebeest right in front of camp!



Camp Environment

The camp location is excellent being built high up on a rocky ridge with excellent views below. There is great privacy as there are no other lodges within view or earshot.

This is a “mobile camp” which can be entirely moved on trucks, so the environmental footprint is minimal. The tents are elegant and contemporary enough to be more than adequate on the comfort side of things. Basically, they have everything you will need, and with only 10 tents remains intimate. The area flat enough to take the camp is early restricted so the spacing between the tents is not excessive. Nevertheless, enough privacy is assured.

Showers and water in the tent is provided on demand by your tent assistant. It is quite charming to order a bucket shower after your game drive! These tent attendants are high efficient and attentive, looking after your every need in camp while still not invading on your privacy – they seem to know when they are needed.

The main area consists of a huge canvas tent on an expansive wooden deck with a great view of the surrounds. There is a sophisticated lounge and bar area, which provides a great location for relaxing during the day on very comfortable sofas and ample seating zones.

Each evening a fire is lit outside for pre diner drinks and socializing.

The whole style of this main area reflects a time of classic safaris of old, very tastefully done.



What we think

We are big fans of ‘mobile safaris’ so this “semi permanent” mobile camp is just right up our street. There is no excessive luxury or grandeur, just simplistic luxury with a classic feel of safaris of old done in a comfortable contemporary way.

The bucket showers are just fantastic and we found the staff extremely attentive – you never felt cut-off or forgotten about while in your tent.

We like tat they use OPEN SIDED VEHICLES here – we find the closed Tanzanian style safari vehicles rather restrictive for game viewing.

The group that run this camp (Sanctuary Retreats) are highly experienced and run many properties all over Africa to high standards.