Savuti Wilderness

Currently the location for recent BBC natural history documentaries: “Africa’s Giant Killers” (Lions that hunt elephants) and “Africa’s Fishing Leopards.”

Savuti has been famous for many things but most recently, it is the Savuti River that has become its main attraction. The mysterious channel inexplicably flows and ebbs dry, cutting off a vital supply of water for the resident elephants. In recent history it spilled out onto the immense Savuti Marsh. After being dry for two decades, the Savuti River has started to flow again! The Savuti Marsh rivatalised, the dry marsh can transform into a magnificent wetland.

Currently, the mysteries of this fickle flow of water are continuing – check with us for current local conditions in Savuti as the channel has recently stopped flowing.


Game viewing in Savuti

Predators are plentiful but elusive here. Leopards favour the rocky hills and use them to stash their Kills and cubs. Zebra can also be seen here (wet season), migrating to the south or back north when the park interior dries up.

There is a resident lion pride here (The Marsh Pride), made famous in several documentaries about the area. In the driest times of year these lions are known to hunt elephants! This and other prides make Savuti a “go-to” place if you want to see lion action!

There are now two resident male cheetahs that operate on the Savuti Marsh and wild dogs are relatively frequently seen.

We really like the elephants in Savuti – it is known as a “retirement” area of the older bulls, which can group shoulder to shoulder at the pumped waterholes in herds 50 strong. The ultimate sighting in here is to see interactions between the elephants and the Marsh pride of lions!

The bird watching is excellent, especially after rain. One highlight is to see Carmine Bee-eaters riding on the back of Kori Bustards on the Savuti Marsh (seasonal, so you can only see this in the wetter months). A charming experience is when the Bee-eaters follow the safari vehicles at close quarters, catching insects stirred up by the passing cars.


What more to expect

The area is characterised by rocky outcrops. Ancient rock paintings can be found and one panel is relatively accessible. An ancient sand ridge, a relic of a former lake created during wetter times, is another prominent geographical feature in the area. The Savuti channel, whether dry or flowing adds interesting relief, as it snakes through the rocky hills. The Channel eventually spills onto a massive Marsh, which is currently completely dry and so is a flat grasslands. We enjoy driving the “Elephant Highway,” a road that takes you right out into this open grassland!

There is no extended variety of lodges here as Savuti is a relatively small area. We recommend Chobe Elephant Lodge

which has just been refurbished.

Savuti is also mobile safari friendly.



  • Witness the famous “Marsh” pride of lions hunting elephants
  • Drive the Savuti channel – whether flowing or dry
  • Enjoy Savuti’s lodge options with fantastic waterhole game viewing from the rooms and main areas
  • Watch huge bull elephants congregate at waterholes
  • Possible predator interactions
  • Zebra migration (ask us for details on the time of year)

Lodges in Savuti

Ghoha Hills
Savuti Elephant Lodge
Savuti Safari Lodge