Mmadinare in a Nutshell

Mma Dinare is a new camp that opened in 2018. It is one of several properties owned by a safari company called “Under One Botswana Sky’ and so is often the choice as the genuine game viewing camp when matched with a longer itinerary, taking in other camps run by this group. Mma Dinare has a “big brother” camp (Rra Dinare), which is a mere 15 minute drive away. However, they share a private concession, avoiding congestion. What you get here is a value for money, no frills “genuine game viewing” lodge with a price that comes in a lot lower than the next tier of lodges!


Fast Facts

  • 9 raised classic “Meru” style tents
  • 1 family tent
  • Camp accommodates 18 guests
  • USD530 – USD990
  • Game drives, night drives, walks, mokoro activities (seasonal boating might be introduced)
  • Access by light aircraft transfer
  • Stunning views of the Gomoti River and floodplain


How to Get There

You must fly into Mmadinare. It is only a short 20 minute flight from Maun airport. You fly into the Santawani airstrip, and the camp is a further 45 minute drive.


Game Viewing and Activities

Firstly, this is a genuine “dry land” game viewing lodge that you could visit to see some of the sought after big game, including predators. We also like this camp because it offers a good range of guided activities. The only thing that is missing at the moment is boating – this might be introduced in the near future……Water levels are currently low (as of 2019 flood season) so do not expect any water activities from this camp.

Mmadinare is located in a private concession, so guides are permitted to drive off road in search of animals. Further, walking can be carried out with armed guides. There are limited “trained” walking guides at the camp at the moment, so walks are provided according to availability. Therefore, do not choose this camp if you want walking to be your main focus.

Mokoro excursions are also offered and the chances of seeing big game during these excursions is very high in indeed! (2019 flood season is low – so do enquire about Mokoro activity availability).

Dry season game viewing here is exceptional. Further, the area has had a presence of lodges and researchers for several decades, meaning that the animals (especially predators) are fully habituated, allowing natural behaviour to be witnessed at close quarters. In particular, the Wild Dog Research Camp (Predator Conservation Trust) has operated in this area since the 1990’s – these researchers share the locations of the wild dog dens during the breeding season, which guides do visit (enquire about the best time of year for this). Most of the game drives are conducted along the Gomoti River which sticks out like a finger into the dryer “Mopane veld” to the East – this makes the river a magnet for big gatherings of elephant and buffalo that come in from the drier interior. The buffalo particularly like the camp and often sleep under the rooms! Do not worry as, for this very reason, the whole camp is raised off the ground with safe, raised walkways to get to your tent.

This is a good camp to see predators!

Recently, rhinos have been reintroduced in the area and sightings are becoming fairly consistent.

The camp is built on a raised deck so the views across the Gomoti River are excellent – elephants and other game are easily seen while you are in camp!

The camp is open all year, although there is a definite decline in game numbers after heavy rain.


Camp Environment

Mmadinare is a new camp as of June 2018. As said, this lodge property is part of a group of similar destinations within Botswana.

They have maintained the “classic” style safari tents at Mmadinare – which are raised “Meru” tents with en-suite facilities. These tents are extra long – providing a bedroom, a small living area, a bathroom with a charming outside shower and an expansive river facing front deck. All tents have excellent views of the Gomoti River! The main entrance of these tents are not “zipped,” (as you would traditionally have entered a Meru tent), but rather you use a wooden sliding door. There are no extra “bells and whistles” here, rather standard luxury that you would expect at a “mid-range” camp such as this.  The units are well spaced for privacy and note that the tents have open-air (outside) showers.

The whole camp is raised a few meters off the ground on gumpoles and decking. All the wood is stained dark, unlike some modern camps which have ‘lightened” the decor. This can make Mma Dinare look slightly less “refreshed,” even though it is new. The main area is expansive with superb views of the river, usually with animals to be seen from the bar, lounge or swimming pool. The decor is simple yet functional (again, no frills here).

By the way, Mma Dinare means “Mother Buffalo” in the local language – fitting as the buffalo love this camp and often sleep under the raised decks!


What We Think

While not the cheapest genuine game viewing lodge, this one does come in quite competitive, staying below the USD1000 per night in the high season. So it therefore offers relative value for money. There is no out-and-out luxury at Mma Dinare, just all that you need to stay comfortable. This would be a good choice if you can’t afford to go up to the next tier of lodges!

We used to visit this concession often, before this camp was built, so we can assure you that the game viewing is fantastic.

It might take a bit of time for the lodge to gain its own character, as all the staff and guides are new to the area.

We like the raised walkways – lots and lots of buffalo here, so feels safe!

It is great that Mma Dinare has kept with the traditional “Meru” tents (this is a tented camp which is becoming hard to find these days). The company is sticking to this formula, so good for them. It is nice to still be sleeping under canvas!

Rhinos have recently been released into the concession which is a big bonus!




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