Camp Okuti in a Nutshell

With two family units, Camp Okuti is a great family option for game viewing in Moremi. Nevertheless, it caters for all types of safari goers. The camp is located in the Xakanaxa area of Moremi – world famous for first rate, prime game viewing. You certainly can’t go wrong here in this department. This camp was recently refurbished so is modern and exceptionally well appointed. The architecture style is modern and somewhat unusual for a safari camp. This may take some getting used to, but certainly does not detract from the functionality and charm of this lodge.


Fast Facts

  • Lodge with 5 twin units and 2 family units
  • Family units have 2 bedrooms with shared en-suite
  • Accommodation in fixed PVC and reed lined “chalets”
  • Price range of USD500 – USD935 pppn
  • Inside the Moremi game Reserve
  • Game drives in open 4×4 vehciles / boating activities
  • Access by road, light aircraft transfer or boat
  • honeymoon suite available


How to Get There

Most people fly into Camp Okuti using the nearby airstrip. You can fly in from Maun (35 minutes) or Kasane (1 hour). This part of Moremi is also easily accessible by vehicle, meaning you can self drive to this lodge or stay there as part of a mobile safari. To add an adventurous twist to your stay, you can also transfer into (or out of) this lodge from lodge locations further upstream (Kwara, Shinde, Xugana, Camp Okavango).


Game Viewing and Activities

Because of its location in the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve, this camp would never disappoint in this department. The main attraction here is the game drives in the Xakanaxa, 4th Bridge and Dead Tree Island areas. The game viewing is very productive because of the abundance of dry land, floodplains and woodlands, providing a diverse array of habitats. You can tick off excellent predator sightings here as well as the big herd animals – this game drive area as it all!!

The boating activities are great, especially from September to October. Further, the river here is permanent and so boating activities are year round! On request, guides take you upstream to the “heronries,” where hundreds of birds nest on tree islands. One must note that because of the top-rate game drives here, there is no emphasis on water activities at Okuti – you might miss out on excellent big game sightings if you spend too much time on the river, so rather take advantage of the productive game drives during your stay. Further to this,the time you spend on the river might be determined by what other camps you visit on your itinerary? – if you move on to a “water”camp, stick with drives at  Okuti. If not, take advantage and see the delta from Okuti on their boat cruise options.

Note that no walking or night drives are permitted from this camp.


Camp Environment

The Camp architecture is certainly unique and you won’t find another safari camp anything like this one. Each unit is made of a curved steel frame with a PVC covering for the elements. The interiors are lined with reeds, cut by local artisans. Generally, the new look is refreshing and modern. The family units are spacious and having 2 bedrooms is very convenient for families. The whole camp is connected by wooden raised walkways and sits tight against the Xakanxa Lagoon, providing stunning views.


What we think

We cannot emphasise enough how good an area this is for genuine, high quality game viewing in stunning Okavango scenery! It is simply one of the best  in Botswana.

Okuti is one of three lodges in the area. However, Moremi is a huge park with a vast road network – congestion is minimal, not an issue really at all. Moremi is fairly well managed in this regard.

The three lodges here are still on generators – there can be a back ground noise of these running. However, a solar plant is in the planning stages and the change over is imminent.

The road network is excellent. This allows guides to follow and track animals for extended periods.

The access to year round boating activities is another great attraction of staying at Okuti.


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