Kwara in a Nutshell


This camp is located in the Kwara Concession (adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve) and is run by Kwando Safaris. It is the “big sister” camp to Little Kwara, both operating in the same area. The concession is renowned for productive game viewing and we often send people there as part of an itinerary to ensure amazing wildlife sightings on game drives. However, it offers 5 different activities all year round (water levels can affect mokoro activities though), so it is a great “one-stop-shop” on any itinerary. Kwara activities operate with a guide and tracker system – so two guides to help locate animals!


Fast Facts

  • 8 raised classic meru tents
  • Camp accommodates 16 guests only
  • USD584 – USD1027
  • Game drives, night drives, walks, mokoro activities and boats
  • Access by boat or light aircraft transfer
  • Excellent dry land area for game drives
  • Access to Gadikwe Lagoon (bird nesting sites)


How to Get There

Most people fly into Kwara using the nearby airstrip. You can fly in from Maun (35 minutes) or Kasane (1 hour). Flying in to this lodge is an event in itself as you get to see the Okavango from the air.


Game Viewing and Activities

This lodge is open all year and the nearby Maonachira channel is permanent, so boating activities are also year round (Mokoro activities are the only excursions that can be affected by flood water levels). The highlight here, for sure, is the game drives. There is a lot of dry land area with an established road network with habituated (not tame) predators and general game. The ethos of the drives at Kwara is to provide the ultimate game viewing experience in unspoilt wilderness:

  • Guides can move off road
  • Guide has a tracker to help locate animals
  • Flexible game drive times – lunch can be taken out to you if you want to stay out
  • Removable roofs on game drive vehicles for unhindered views
  • Private concession – no congestion or self drives in the area
  • Outside of the National park – less restrictive park rules
  • Removable roof on vehicles for unhindered views.

One must note that the emphasis at this camp, as well as all the other Kwando Safaris lodges, is the guided activities. Afterall, they provide each guide with a skilled tracker to help locate animals. The rewards of this ethos is guaranteed productive game viewing.


Camp Environment

Kwara Camp has not seen a recent refurbishment as the current lease for the lodge site has not yet been approved for renewal. You can therefore pick up a slightly discounted rate to stay here. The accommodation is in classic style “Meru” tents on raised decks, very typical of the slightly older safari camps. Each tent has great views of the surrounding bush and floodplains and are well spaced to provide some privacy. We actually like Kwara because if does not offer excessive luxury but rather focuses on necessary comforts and excellent game viewing in their private concession. Indeed, this was the way that the original safari camps were set up when opulence was not the first requirement of a bush camp. We regard the Kwara concession as one of the best in Botswana – and the location is the envy of all the other lodge operators in Botswana.

The main area has a bar, comfortable lounge, thatched dining area and a welcome swimming pool. – all the usual comforts.

Kwara is owned by Kwando Safaris and is one of a portfolio of well located lodges owned by the same group. You can therefore pick up good discounts when combining with other related Camps on their safari circuit.


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