SADC rates

Booking less than a month before travel

SADC rates

If you hold a passport from a Southern African country or are a resident / citizen of Botswana, you may qualify for highly discounted SADC (Southern African Development Community) rates.

These discounts become available and vary from time to time, so do inquire for updated specials and be sure to state your nationality.

These same SADC rates are sometimes also applicable to international guests if booking within one month of travel.


Example: Current SADC rate specials at Pom Pom, Gunns Camp and Moremi crossing (These are all Under One Botswana Sky Properties)

  • Space can only be booked one month before safari start date over high and mid season
  • In low season, space can be held 3 months before travel (except over the xmas period)
  • Rates include all meals, selected drinks, activities and park fees
  • Flights are not included and are quoted in the normal USD seat rates
  • SADC rates only confirmed with copy of passport or ID or residents permit


Please inquire for more details

(Beware that other terms and conditions will apply)