Canoeing and Canoe Trails

The craft are usually Canadian-style 2-man canoes, stable and fairly spacious. The setting: true wilderness in the Okavango or Selinda Spillway. Not many lodges have the right environmental circumstances for safe canoeing, but those that do offer a really a splendid activity.

Short, three hour paddles, looking for elephants and ending with a sundowner are possible from Motswiri Camp and Selinda Explorers Camp

However, the Selinda Canoe Trail will really blow your socks off.

The canoe trail takes you on a 4 night camping adventure down a 45km stretch of river where no boats, or vehicles can access – there are in fact no roads! The land owners have purposely kept things this way.

The trail is expertly guided by an armed walking and canoeing guide. A back up crew (also on canoes) travel ahead setting up the camp on remote islands. The food is plentiful and of outstanding quality – the crew pride themselves on this.

Early morning walks are the order of the day, with elephant, buffalo, lion and the full compliment of other big game all likely to be spotted either from the river, on canoes or while out walking. Make no mistake, this is wild country and an endless wilderness that even the guides have not fully explored. Distance between the campsites is mostly covered during the day on the canoes with a picnic lunch on a shaded river bank under lofty trees. Hot from a days paddling ? There are safe places to swim and snorkel or perhaps a siesta until it is time to paddle again.

The canoe trail can easily be added to the beginning or end of your safari and is accessed by light aircraft from Maun or any bush airstrip.

You obviously need to be relatively able and fit to participate on this trail. Having said this, the distances covered by canoe are not excessive.

(Please note that the trail is now considered “an adventure trail.” The fickle nature of the river means that if it is not flowing, then the route is walked.




Lodges to combine with Canoeing